We are committed to making education accessible to everyone.

Since 2017, our goal has been to provide the best possible complement to a child’s school education, ensuring accessibility for all young learners regardless of their financial means, background, or abilities.

At Our Tuition Centre, we offer various avenues for support. Our centres in England are registered as childcare providers on the Ofsted Voluntary Childcare Register, enabling many families to receive financial assistance for tuition costs. Furthermore, we have implemented a comprehensive discount and referral benefits program to make our services even more accessible and rewarding for our community.

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Financial Support

Oxford College of Education Lt, as the registered person, is registered as a provider of childcare on non-domestic premises on the voluntary part of the Childcare Register

  1. Tax-Free Childcare

Please note – you can only use Tax Free Childcare to help pay for tuition fees that include sessions in our in-person Tuition centres.

What is it?

This is a government backed initiative that provides eligible families with a 20% saving on their childcare costs. For every 80p that is paid into a Tax-Free Childcare account, the Government will pay in 20p (up to £2,000 per child per year) to help pay for approved childcare costs, such as Explore Learning.

What can you use Tax-Free Childcare for?


Am i eligible?

  • You must be working (including self-employed), and if you have a partner they must be working too.

  • Your partner doesn’t have to be the other parent – it’s all based on who you live with.

  • You need to be earning a minimum of £140 p/week, and less than £100,000 p/year.

  • Your child(ren) must be 11 or younger (or 17 if your child is has a registered disability.)

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  1. Childcare Grant

Please note – you can only use Tax Free Childcare to help pay for tuition fees that include sessions in our in-person Tuition centres.

What is it?

A Childcare Grant is available to full-time students with a low household income and dependent children who are in approved childcare. The Childcare grant can be used to cover 85% of your Tuition fees, and we’ll collect the remaining 15% by Direct Debit or by monthly invoice.

Am I eligible?

You may be eligible for help with your learning costs if you:

  • are a full-time higher education student?

  • have children under 15, or under 17 if they have special educational needs

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  1. Discount

  • Sibling Discount: If your second child studies with us, you will receive a 10% discount, and for the third child, a 20% discount from our regular fees will be applied.

  • Neutron Tutors scholarship scheme gives up to 25% Scholarships to parents receiving Income Support or Job Seekers Allowance. Please bring the evidence, and this could be either a letter from your local Job Centre or a bank statement. You will need to let us know if you start working.

  1. Referral Benefits:

  • When referring a friend or family member, you will receive £20.00, which will be deducted from your next invoice. Alternatively, we can pay you as a referral fee. To qualify, the referred individual must study a minimum of 8 hours or £99 per month with us. Your payment will be processed after they settle their third invoice. You will receive the same benefits for each successful referral.

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We will assess your child’s proficiency in English, Maths, and Science, with our tutors closely monitoring, evaluating, and providing a detailed report to parents.

This allows you to gauge your child’s current level, and together, we can work towards reaching your target and achieving your child’s goals. We are here to support you and your child’s educational journey.